Social butterfly

I started as a worm in my tiny hole of mud
Crawling all the way to this nice cozy rug
Feeling a bit scared about these large flying bugs
Slowly I felt the vibe ganing up in my blood

I had to be smart to find my lagoon
To know the weather media and to change my tune
life was changing as time slipped to June
Hey Man I am changing; into a cocoon

What is happening to my sloppy body
How come I’m stuck in this flax self party
Questions came to my half mutant me
Let me out of this coco casady

Once not long ago I was haging from leaves
head down in the grass I was a bit deceived
cause my friends would receive nice recitatives:
Ho butter ! you’re a colourful fly ! Call me fly guy ! Hum !

Now I’m ready to tear down this prison of sound
I can now fly around, talk and jazz with renown
Butterflys from the world, united by common ground
Talk about social life that’s profound

Call me a social butterfly (3)

I don’t need your white tie to proove that I’m standing by
I prefer to sip on every day before it slips by
life is precious and you’ll need to supply
life is precious and that my friend never lies

In Mexico, where we meet once a year,
family and friends have to appear.
But on the trees of our spirit , body and soul
There’s a danger that we’ll disappear before reaching our goal

What is happening to my nice body
How come I have no more common party
Questions came to my colorful me
Let me in this blue sky social party

Once not long ago we were talking to all
head up in the malI we used to have it all
what is happening to us in this free fall:
Holy butter ! pouf ! Butterfly on the wall.

You just have to smile Mr and Miss butterfly
say Hi in the sky sweet butterfly
be the good guy once in a while Mr. butterfly
just be less worried, shy and move stupid butterfly

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