Date of birth: April 1977.

Spoken languages: French and English.

Studies: M.A in educational technologies, B.A. in the teaching of English and DEC Intégré at the College Level.

Origin: Trois-Rivières.

Musical experience: Signing courses (1994-2004), VIP Master class with the Fantom of the Opera (Las Vegas) and shows.

Producing experience: Produced Whatever (1998), Whatever Special Edition (1999), CISV Canada-Bresil (2000), Fashion Show JM (2001), CISV St-Grégoire (2003), The Envision Project (2004), Émergences (2006) – (Interesting fact: René Angelil had a copy) and 7 musicals with the CNDA (  Coming-up in 2017, Blue, the new album by Daniel St-Laurent.

Favourite kind of music: Folk, pop, alternative, reggae, rock, jazz and world beat.

More info on his background:
Daniel Thibeault was born in Trois-Rivières (Québec) in 1977. He has always been in love with sounds, music and rhythm. From the age of 6 he started to create mixes with his dad’s old two-track tape recorder. He loved doing many voices and blending them into music, backgrounds or soundtracks. At the age of 14 he sang in a garage band called WIDGI. At the age of 15, his Oncle Jacques bought him his first guitar. At that time, he continued to spend time with machines, recorders and computers. His mixes and songs were evolving just as was technology. At the age of 16 he starred in the lead role as Jean Valjean in a semi-professional production of the musical, Les Miserables, at his School, le Séminaire St-Joseph. This experience gave him the assurance needed to continue singing and to create new material. He enjoyed composing not only songs but comical scenarios to accompany many of them.

In College, Daniel sang in a quartet named, Le Quatuor les Quatre Saisons with three other guys (Jimmy Diamond, Sébastien Thibault, and Gyslain Parent). The group won the CEGEP en spectacle’s first prize at their college. At the age of 18 he produced, recorded and played in another band known as, Whatever. It was a dream come true for him, to be able to compose and sing with a band and then record an album. This demo-album was produced by Daniel, and interpreted by young musicians: Nancy Blanchette (back up singer), Étienne Lafond (lead and rhythm guitarist), Frédéric Mailloux (bass) and Éric Dupont and Luc Dubord (drums and percussion). It was recorded in Daniel’s basement with the assistance of Pierre Jacob.

Daniel continues to compose songs, to play the guitar and sing. He wrote songs for family, friends, organisations such as CISV Canada and produced a second album for an international summer camp in Brasilia. The limited album includes songs that deal with the themes of world peace, justice, Life, social matters, love, evolution, relationships and friendship. These themes and others have been a source of inspiration for Daniel. Having completed an MA in educational technologies and now into teaching and business, he then composed a series of songs that deal with values. His purpose here is to educate and motivate youth and give them the passion so necessary to solve problems and help others. As an ESL (English as a second language) teacher and eco-leader (SADC), Daniel now continues to compose songs inspired by his students, family and friends. He launch an album in 2003 with Étienne Lafond, Philippe Roy, André Legeault and Céline Bellemare. Daniel really likes to create these social songs, dress them up humorously by blending his different voices into them. It’s as if each additional character adds his own color and feelings to boost the song’s main positive, and musical message. The style of music is a blend of folk, electronic and pop and has a positive vibe that keeps you moving. The lyrics are visual, creative and make us think about our actions. Daniel hopes they give you the energy to work for progress while making you happy.

In 2008 he founded the College Notre-Dame of the Assumption (CNDA) musical group. After directing 7 major musical productions; he is now working on a new musical album coming out in 2017: BLUE.